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Password and Account Name Issues

posted this on July 28, 2013 01:15 AM

How to Change your Password on the Archive
1. Log into your account
2. Click on Your Account. You will be taken to your User Account Page.
3. Click on Edit Personal Information.
4. Locate the 2 blank boxes to the right of the heading Password.
5. Enter your "new" password into each of these 2 boxes; in other words, you will need to enter it twice.
6. Click on Submit.

How to Change your Password on the Forums
1. Log into your account on the forums.
2. Find the drop-down menu located in the upper right corner of the forum's main page and select My Settings
3. Click on Email & Password, located on the left side column
4. Enter your Current Password.
5. Enter your New Password, and then enter it again in the 'Please confirm your NEW password' field.
6. Click on Save Changes.

Forgotten Passwords
If you've misplaced or forgotten your password, click the Forgot Password link on the login page and a new password will be sent to the e-mail address currently registered on your account. This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours. In order to best assure that this or any other email from the site receives without delay, add the following address to your "Safe Sender" or "Contacts List"


Even with the address, certain providers still flag emails from our site as spam, so make sure to check your spam/junk folder frequently.

IMPORTANT! Email addresses are used by the staff for identity confirmation. If you cannot remember the e-mail address associated with your account, the staff CANNOT help you access your account. If you've forgotten your password and no longer have access to the email address on your account, please contact the staff via Trouble Ticket.

Suspended Accounts - When the staff feels it necessary to suspend your account, your e-mail address is temporarily removed from the account and your password changed. Suspensions usually last 10 days but can vary based on the reason you were suspended. If you have been suspended, do not attempt to create a new account as the suspension will only be applied to the new account. If you have questions about a suspension, please launch a Trouble Ticket.

Changing Pennames
Pennames on the Archive cannot be changed. If you are dead set against having your current penname, you can register a new account and ask the staff (via trouble tickets) to have your old account removed.

When requesting a deletion, please provide the penname you would like deleted and the e-mail address currently listed on the account. Just remember: deleting an account will remove ALL posted stories and reviews. If you are a trusted author, or on your way to becoming one, all that credit/status will be lost and you will need to begin earning that trust again.

Changing Pennames on the Forums
Changing pennames on the HPFF forums is not allowed except under extreme conditions. Should you wish to create a new forum account name, simply register a new account and request an account deletion in the Delete My Account Thread

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